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Holidays in Romincka Primeval Forest

Health resort Goldap is the only spa in Warmia and Masuria region which offers body treatment with moorpit. Romincka Primeval Forest has been an old hunting circuit of Prussian emperor Wilhelm the II-nd, today providing many attractive tourist tracks and paths leading through the nature reserves.

Agro-tourism Farm "Three Spruces" has been awarded by title "The best agro-tourism service in Warmia and Masuria region in year 2010"

An offer contains:

14 beds in guest rooms within an old Masurian house which is located on the high shore of Ostrówek lake. Dining room is furnished like a hunting lounge. There is also a gallery room with the stage enabling to carry out exhibitions, artistic performances, concerts and vernissages. Many regional historical exhibits originating fro Old Prussia times can be seen in the mini size museum chamber, being the part of the farm yard.

The guests can enjoy looking at the collection of interesting costumes from the whole world, taking part in canoeing rallies alongside borderland rivers (Polish-Lithuania border), taking trips by an old Russian 4WD military car through the forest, passing attractive nature reserves. One of the tourist attractions are so called "The Stones of Wilhelm the II-nd".
At guests disposal there are also numerous maps and guide books related to the region.

Other attractions:
  • artistic workshops - sculpturing, paintings on stones and on earthenware pottery
  • excellent regional, home prepared food
  • possibility to hire sport and recreation equipment:
    skis, skates, rowing boat, canoe, bikes, but also a telescope and field-glasses to look at birds and forest animals
  • at site small shop with home made preserves

  • The landlady is a professional pedagogue, rewarded with many different awards for her agro-tourism farm as well as for other activities.


    Sława Tarasiewicz e-mail: trzyswierki@poczta.onet.pl
    • tel.: +48 606 641 938

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